an adjective suffix meaning `of or relating to', `of the nature of', `made of', `like', as in asinine, crystalline, equine, marine.

{Latin -īnus; also -inus, from Greek -inos}
1. a noun suffix denoting some action, procedure, art, place, etc., as in discipline, doctrine, medicine, latrine.

2. a suffix occurring in many nouns of later formation and various meanings, as in famine, routine, grenadine, vaseline.
3. a noun suffix used particularly in chemical terms, as bromine, chlorine, and especially names of basic substances, as amine, aniline, caffeine, quinine, quinoline.
Compare -in2. {French, from Latin -ina, originally feminine of -inus; also used to represent Greek -inē, feminine noun suffix, as in heroine}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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